Based on the designs of kaftans of Ottoman Sultans who lived between 15th and 17th centuries, this collection depicts kaftan designs in a minimalized fashion along the lines of todays modern decoration.

This collection is prepared in 1999 for the memory of the 700th anniversary of the foundation of Ottoman Empire and captures in detail the elegance of designs that make the kaftans so attractive. This collection is prepared in two knot qualities as Kaftan and Antik Kaftan Collections

Collection Colors
Ruby, ivory, beige, damson plum, gold, green, navy blue and black colors are used in this collection.

Standard Sizes
80 cmx120 cm
80 cmx310 cm
80 cmx360 cm
120 cmx180 cm
150 cmx210 cm
180 cmx260 cm
190 cmx280 cm
210 cmx305 cm